"Journey of the Red Tide"

Prologue Part II

Cast Adrift

Session 3

Augustus and Silver are stunned to hear this emaciated human call himself Lord Tempess and shout “Lol, fear” while outstretching his hands towards them. The two are unaffected and quickly subdue him. Augustus decides to take Tempess’ Amulet, a jeweled ovoid worn on his “clothes”, and determines that it allows the wielder to use Mage Hand. Phrixus returns from his watery escapades and the party returns to the Red Tide.

Another two days of light wind provides comfortable sailing, but on the next morning the seas are covered in a heavy fog. The Red Tide passengers feel a sharp jolt and a creaking from the prow. Upon further inspection the vessel struck a submerged rock, now off the port side. Capt. Birgitte can be heard yelling to abandon ship and later muttering, “there shouldn’t be any land here. Maybe… no those are only stories.” The crew get the passengers and a few supplies packed and into the rowboats as the Red Tide begins to list and movement becomes difficult. Phrixus, Silver, and Augustus come to the deck and find only one launch remaining, but the list has made it’s lowering impossible. The party stands on the deck while the Red Tide slowly sinks and quietly begin swimming away from the vessel. The last person aboard, Capt. Birgitte cuts the rope holding the launch and dives in to rescue the cabin boy, Shoal, from the unseen foe.

The party makes to swim to the nearest launch, but is swarmed by jellyfish. The vermin attack indiscriminately and Augustus bears the brunt of the onslaught, suffering significant Dexterity damage. Silver and Phrixus swim themselves to the launch and climb aboard, while Augustus is saved by Capt. Birgitte from drowning.

Session 4

Finding themselves adrift in the ocean and still surrounded by fog, the rowboats are unable to determine where land is located and begin gathering the floating supplies that extracted themselves from the now submerged Red Tide. Sir Augustus Snowhart now has a tragic revelation that he callously left his mount to drown in the cargo hold, with no means to climb the stairs or swim free.

The lifeboats tie themselves together to prevent becoming separated and drift for 3 more days. Before dawn, the survivors see a multicolored light coming from the north and with first light they can see land. After many hours of rowing they finally approach and see that there is no place to come ashore, with vertical 300 ft cliffs. Capt. Birgitte determines to continue left following the coast until a landing is possible.

After another hour, the crew spot an alcove, but the coral reef and heavy surf make a landing in the rowboats impossible. Coming as close as possible, ~100 ft from the beach, the people prepare to navigate to coral but one rowboat explodes in a shower of splinters and quickly sinks with all aboard. Panicked some of the passengers jump overboard their own rowboats and begin swimming ashore. Capt. Birgitte dives in in an attempt to rescue as many as possible from drowning, but comes across a Hammerclaw. The remaining people abandon ship to evade the sonic attack and see the large lobster-like creature attacking people.

Phrixus stands in a rowboat and tries to attack one beast, while Augustus and Silver enter to water to combat the other. Silver casts a defensive incantation and shrugs off the Hammerclaw’s damage while making his own attacks. Eventually, with Birgitte’s assistance the Hammerclaws are defeated and the remaining survivors group on the beach.

Inspecting the beach, there’s no easy method of climbing out of this alcove and Phrixus muscles his way up the sheer cliff to tie off a rope for the others to follow. Taking their time, no one falls to their death; however, Phrixus had taken a nasty spill from nearly 60 ft.



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