"Journey of the Red Tide"

Under The Sea

Capt Birgiette's Shopping List

Arriving at the shipyard, Capt Brigiette made a request of the party, to find a magic item, Secure Lines to help train and protect the new crew mates once the vessel is completed. Augustus and Dhohelieat head to the Haskenport library to conduct research and find no information in the tomes, but someone in the building has heard of Secure Lines and thinks the Wavekeeper would be a good lead. Thinking that a Wavekeeper will live along the coast, Kolfor ploymorphed into a porpoise and swam at a run to the east and west for 1.75 min each covering just over a half mile in each direction. While those ten minutes elapsed, Dhoheliat and Ingot asked a passerby if they knew where the Wavekeeper lived. Learning that he had a residence in a small cove about 3 miles to the west, Augustus threw some bread into the ocean in hopes of calling Kolfor back early. Debating fervently, Dhoheliat and Ingot eventually realize they’re talking about the same cove but know different directions.

Leaving Haskenport immediately, the party arrived around 7pm to find Rither and his animal companion, Nydrix, in the cove. Explaining their goal of Secure Lines, Rither has heard of them but as a druid does not know how to craft them. He thinks that the aquatic elves may know more with their expansive library and offers to escort everyone there tomorrow. The party excused themselves before Augustus opened a portal and adjourned for the night.

Returning early, everyone loaded into a rented rowboat and Rither used magic to propel the vessel out to sea for about 45 minutes. Once over Dorisea, Rither cast another spell and everyone’s skin grayed and firmed up while their entire eyes turned black and gained dark vision. Jumping into the depths, Dhoheliat held onto Nydrix to expedite sinking and everyone plunged into the ocean. After hundreds of feet all surface illumination disappeared and all everyone could see was the 60ft Darkvision bubble. A little further down, an aquatic elf guard loomed and who shook hands with Rither and was introduced as Elegos. Finally arriving at Dorisea, the party was brought to see King Carumalg and get permission to use the library. With a little convincing, King Carumalg granted the party access to the Reliquary of Knowledge. Finding the correct tome in about 30 minutes, Kolfor was disappointed to know he could have probably guessed the crafting requirements, animate rope, fabricate, and sufficient rope material.

Returning to the main entryway, the party thanks Carumalg and someone mentions that they are not able to craft the Secure Lines. Carumalg offered that if the party could help with a skum problem they could craft the item for the party. An alpha aboleth was slain within the last month, but the skum activity on Dorisea’s border has not completely stopped. Rither wanted to stay away from any skum but Ingot convinced him to continue with the party as underwater support. Holding onto ropes behind dog-pony sized seahorses, the party journeyed another hour and a half to the country’s border. There Baine and Dhoheliat spotted some webbed footprints in the muddy bottom, and using the last couple steps as a straight line the party set off. The course was slightly adjusted a few times when evidence of unnatural disturbance were seen in the kelp beds (broken leaves and bent stems). After 20 minutes, they found an undersea cave with bubbles streaming from the opening and signs of fin propulsion in the sea floor. Forming into single file, Augustus, Dhoheliat, Nydrix, Kolfor, Rither, Ingot, and Baine. Rounding a sharp corner, Dhoheliat spotted a Sea Cat in an open cavern.

Combat progressed easily with two additional Sea Cats coming from further into the cavern into range of the party’s dark vision. Kolfor used illusion magic to blind two of the sea cats with glitter. Baine Bloodhoof grappled the other Sea Cat, while Augustus fought and knocked out the pinned cat and one blinded one. Dhoheliat performed a killing blow on one unconscious Sea Cat and Kolfor sent the third cat to the Shadow Realm. Dhoheliat drifted off to inspect the bubbles streaming along the ceiling, while the second Sea Cat was dispatched and the third returned from the Shadow Realm frightened and as it tried to flee, Nydrix slew the predator.



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