"Journey of the Red Tide"

Prologue Part III


The party decides to traverse ahead of the crew and passengers to learn about the upcoming area. So Augustus, Silver, and Phrixus march off and begin talking amongst themselves to pass the time. The party decided that if they were going to work together they needed a cool name and banner, finally settling on The Three Amigos. Augustus was hell bent on turning Phrixus’ into his replacement mount, but Phrixus was having none of that.

In the early afternoon, the party came across a small farm and after knocking repeatedly found the farmer out back tending his crops. The farmer, Angmir, was very surprised to learn that these visitors were from across the ocean and told the party that Seanchan did not get many new residents. Providing the party with some food and well wishes to stay safe, Angmir bid them farewell.

Returning to the much slower crew group through a field, the Three Amigos saw a couple torches along the treeline. Stealthing up to the light source, Augustus found two Orcs and an Ogre. Listening to their conversation, he heard them talking about killing the Band and one of them said, “I’ll be much happier once we’ve slain everyone single one of them.” Quickly running back to Phrixus and Silver, Augustus relayed the information and they decided to take action.

Running from the field into the forest, the Three Amigos launched an attack on the Orcs and Ogre. During the combat, a large fiendish wolf charged from deeper in the forest to assist the enemy. A few seconds later a shard of ice flew from the darkness towards Silver and struck. Phrixus kept the Ogre occupied by charging repeatedly, while Sir Snowhart issued a Knight’s Challenge, to the Orcs. From further on, another Orc approached but this one had a spell book and launched attacks on the party. The Three Amigos killed their foe and tracking where the Orc Wizard came from found their camp. Searching through the remains, the party found a few things of note, a Scroll of Revivify, a Wand of Detect Secret Doors, and a Wanted poster for the kill or capture of the Band of the Red Hand.

Feeling a little guilty about their quick judgement of the Orcs, based on racial profiles, the Three Amigos decided to not tell everyone about this encounter and returned to the Red Tide survivors.



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