"Journey of the Red Tide"

Prologue Part IV

Entering Seanchan

The next day the Red Tide survivors push on early and travel all day through countryside eventually coming to a large stone walled city. The couple guards tell the adventurers that this is the capital city, Seanchan and with further prodding give directions to a cheap tavern, the Jolly Snake Tap House.

Passing through the gate, this southern section of Seanchan is mostly uninhabited and the buildings have fallen into disrepair. The only maintained thing in this district is the wide cobblestone pathway, the party is taking towards the civilized districts.

Reaching the tavern, the innkeeper is glad to see the influx of patrons and rents the entire second floor to crew, passengers, and adventuring party. The survivors have a late night of revelry some celebrating their fortune to find such an island and others just the end of another day.

The next morning, Capt. Birgitte leaves to inquire about getting another vessel leaving the crew to explore. Augustus and Silver go to explore the northern district of Seanchan and acquire some bounty hunter permits, while Phrixus leaves the city to find a new place to stay (since the stables were an insult to him).

Augustus and Silver explore the civilized district of Seanchan, looking for a couple items they require and selling some spoils of adventuring. Upon returning to the Jolly Snake Tap House, they learn that Capt Birgitte has come and gone leaving a message with her crew. This nation does not have a large shipping industry due to the island’s unpredictable movement. However, she learned that there is a fishing town on the northern coast and decided to travel there and witness their ship building capabilities. Augustus and Silver strike out from Seanchan through the North Gate to pursue her. On the road, they meet a minotaur, Baine Bloodhoof, that accompanies them.

A few hours walk from the city, the party is ambushed by four large wasps. The vermin are dispatched but not before Sir Snowhart is stung multiple times and the poison knocks him unconscious through Dex damage. Reevaluating the situation, the party returns to Seanchan to allow Augustus to recuperate. At the city gate, Baine departs on good terms.

The next morning Sir Snowhart recovers some Dex damage and awakens. Searching Seanchan, he finds a church that he donates to in exchange for some ability damage healed. With the day mostly spent gathering information about a helpful church Augustus and Silver retire to a rowdy tavern for supper and a drink. While inside the Grinning Maiden another two patrons get into a bar fight that spills over onto the party’s table. The young man is offended by perceived slight that was simply ignorance. Of course, the heavily intoxicated older man was a skilled martial artist trained in drunken combat and avoided any blows. The City Guard was called and a large humanoid man came to the call. Ingot Fal-Kindur, a stone kin, quickly defused the young man’s anger and admonished his mentor for letting the matter escalate to a “fight.”

Augustus and Silver take this opportunity to talk to a member of the City Guard about the Band of the Red Hand. Ingot explains the rumors about the group and somewhere win the conversation tells Augustus and Silver that in Seanchan the law requires that anyone serving a wanted criminal be a licensed Bounty Hunter. Thus Silver and Snowhart ask how they can acquire a license. Ingot tells them it is too late to do anything today, but to meet him tomorrow in a well known square and he shall take them to get the licenses and help expedite the process.



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